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16 Oct 2015

The answer is present in two words. Tasks and goals.
Unsuccessful people busy themselves using a listing of daily tasks as well as to do lists. Once the end during the day comes along with the person has were able to finish a large list of tasks they think they've achieved something. Effort is necessities that should be achieved. They are responsibilities. But you are not really a mark of achievement or accomplishment. Tasks will never be ending. Getting stuck your entire life into daily tasks and to do lists, indicates youll think back at your life and realize you haven't achieved much. Glance at the two lists of tasks and goals below for 2 different people. The 1st being tasks focussed, the second goal oriented.
Tasks/to do list
    Empty the rubbish
    Pick inside the kids
    Fix the boiler
    Pay the invoices
    Pick in the groceries along the way home
    Do job applications
    Attend parents evening
    Do the cooking
    Do the housecleaning
    Wash the automobile
    Take the children to school
    Buy a brand new automatic washer
    Drop friend for the hospital
    Transfer money into friends account
    Complete homework for college
    Wash dishes, mop floor, Hoover carpet
    Take care of the baby
    Take the kids out
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On the other hand, goals are items you strive for which you have dirty in your own life. They may be issues that provide you with from the comfort zone. These are things which can invoke your doubts and fears to express you cant do something. They result in challenge yourself either mentally or physically or both. Lets be truthful every single day tasks will not likely challenge you in both of such ways until you have poor physical and mental health. Goals are stuff you might like to do and attain.
Goals 2015
1.    Write ten books
2.    Achieve $2000 30 days through passive income
3.    Travel around China, Kua lumpur, Bankok
4.    Spend more alone time with spouse
5.    Learn Mandarin
6.    Learn karate
7.    Build spiritual well-being through weekly meditation.
8.    Pass driving test (write the sunday paper about how Used to do it)
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Compare the two lists. The 1st list involves an individual who has set their life on autopilot or routine. Life can become boring when it's filled with tasks. You get stuck within the rut. The best way out is as simple as goal setting tips. Notice how short the goals list is compared to the task in order to do lists.
Yet if a person achieved just a few of the goals listed, they're going to have achieved more than a individual who busies themselves with tasks.
School explains to concentrate on tasks which you then wind up carrying on your job. The challenge with focussing your hard work on tasks can there be is not any end for them. Filling up your time and effort with tasks forces you to feel overwhelmed particularly when youre multi tasking.
In short successful people work on their goals unsuccessful people work only on tasks. In the event you set yourself lists of tasks you Wana achieve then thats what youll achieve and all youll achieve. Before you start setting yourself goals. Stop being a task master and start transforming into a goal setter.


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